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Ruijie RG-ES216GC Cloud Managed Smart Switch for IP surveillance

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Ruijie RG-ES216GC Cloud Managed POE Switches for IP Surveillance Port 16 Port  รองรับการใช้งานตั้งแต่ 10/100/1000 Gigabit และรองรับการใช้งาน PoE/PoE+ สามารถจ่ายไฟผ่าน PoE 30W – 240W VLAN รองรับ 802.1Q  รองรับการกำลังไฟสูงสุด 240W บริหารจัดการผ่าน Ruijie Cloud

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RG-ES200 Series Cloud Managed Non-POE Switches for IP Surveillance

With the growing video surveillance industry in China, there are various surveillance equipment manufacturers and brands offering products of different qualities, which has increased the probability of surveillance network malfunction. At present, the technical threshold of most of the engineering companies engaged in surveillance projects is relatively low. When encountering surveillance network failure, they are unable to locate the problem quickly, causing high workload to the operation and maintenance staff. Therefore, in order to solve the pain points of the current video surveillance industry, Ruijie Real-easy Series has launched a series of smart surveillance switches. In addition to the Ruijie Real-easy smart surveillance PoE switches, the series offers a 16-port and a 24-port non-PoE Gigabit switch to meet the customers’ needs for smart management in non-PoE circumstances, such as PC, printer, and non-PoE cameras.
Ruijie Reyee smart surveillance switches offer a variety of port options to meet the needs of video surveillance networks of different scales. In addition, Ruijie Reyee smart surveillance switches provide simple and easy-to-use management features while offering plug and play with default factory configuration, which can quickly locate the surveillance network faults, initiate port restart, perform VLAN configuration, etc. Ruijie Cloud app and Ruijie Cloud platform remote management is also supported, making the operation and maintenance of the surveillance network easier and more convenient, while reducing operation and maintenance costs.


น้ำหนัก 240 g
ขนาด 126 × 86 × 50 mm